doPDF 9.4.241

Simple software for Windows that allows the creation of PDF documents from any Windows application

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows 2003 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows 10

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doPDF 9.4.241
doPDF 7.3.391

doPDF is a Windows program that lets you create PDF documents from any application with printing capabilities.

doPDF is a PDF printer for Windows. It’s a freeware version of novaPDF, a commercial PDF converter. You can use doPDF without cost and as much as you like. PDF stands for Portable Document Format, and it’s a format created by Adobe to simplify exchanging documents. A PDF printer is software that provides a virtual printer, which nearly any software that supports printing can use.

Windows makes it easy for developers to integrate printing capabilities into their programs, so most applications support it. When you click File -> Print, the program lets you choose from the printers you have available. We may tend to associate these options with physical printers, but virtual printers like doPDF work just as well. The application sends one or more pages to doPDF, and rather than print those out on paper, doPDF converts them into a PDF file.

doPDF also has its own user interface and can be accessed directly to convert files. Run the program from its EXE. Choose the file, files or even an entire folder to convert. Confirm the convert. It’s simple and just as fast as if you were “printing” your PDF from your favorite editing app.

As a printer, the program supports practically any application that supports printing. doPDF runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. In addition to converting to PDF, it can convert PDF to DOC, XLS, HTML and more. The PDFs created by this app are fully searchable. Most languages supported by PDF are supported here, and in addition to being very fast, the program uses very little resources.

As far as PDF creation tools go, doPDF is fairly basic. The focus is on being a PDF printer and, to a lesser degree, a PDF converter, which it does well. What you won’t find is many features to shape the PDFs that you create. That may not be an issue depending on your needs, but it’s worth mentioning that there are many PDF creators out there that feature print-to as an add-on rather than a focus.


  • Print to PDF
  • Fast process
  • Simple to use from nearly any program


  • Lacks features

It is a user-friendly program that offers multiple ways of creating PDF documents. doPDF allows you to create PDF documents from any Windows application that connects to the printer.

PDF is a standard format for digital documents and helps people from all walks of life. You could be looking to send a school assignment in PDF format. Alternatively, you could also be interested in converting your business proposal into PDF before forwarding it to your potential clients. People also create their resumes and work portfolios in PDF. No matter what the need, doPDF allows you to create PDF documents in a snap.

Run a Windows program, such as Word or Notepad that has printing capabilities. Enter the Print command from the top menu options. From the list of printing devices shown, select doPDF as the default printer. Specify the folder in which you want to save the PDF file. The document will be automatically opened in your default PDF viewer after it is successfully created.

You can also create a PDF document from the program’s own interface. Navigate to the file that you want to convert and click the “Create” button to process the conversion to PDF format. However, you cannot specify conversion options, such as resolution and orientation using this method.

doPDF is a fast, lightweight program. It creates PDF documents instantly, and the results are clear and accurate. The program has seen minor changes and improvements in its interface and font settings over time.


  • Fast conversion
  • Light-weight PDF maker
  • Can be used in multiple ways
  • Extends PDF creating functionality to any Windows application that supports Print command


  • Conversion options are not included on the interface

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